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Training Commitment

Our Training History (as of May 2016)

The AMISYS software training provided by our vendor partner consisted of a weeklong class with a test for EACH subsystem of the software. Over the initial 18-month period, 28 FlexTech consultants went through 105 weeks of certification training! The investment paid dividends as our reputation soared and both clients and potential new employees contacted us.


Erisco’s software training for FACETS™ lasted six weeks and included a presentation to an acceptance committee within their company. Within the first two years of our partnership, FlexTech certified 18 consultants who underwent more than 108 weeks of dedicated training.


The QCSI training curriculum for the QNXT™ product was thoroughly comprehensive. Each of the 30+ FlexTech consultants who achieved “bachelor” certification spent at least 250 hours in classroom and online training and building-use cases. In the first three years of the training program, 36 FlexTech consultants underwent more than 250 combined weeks of training.

HealthRules by HealthEdge

With the HealthEdge product, HealthRules Payor, FlexTech has invested over 445 weeks of training in 45 consultants. We have also assisted with vendor and customer on-site training and configuration, combining our business experience with their new product technology since 2007.

FlexTech has also invested in 15 weeks of training on HealthRules CareManager.

Health Solutions Plus 

FlexTech has 14 trained resources on the Health Solutions Plus product suite.  The total investment was over 110 weeks of training time.  FlexTech has assisted multiple HSP clients with Project Management and Configuration services.

FlexTech continues to be on the cutting edge of vendors and technologies by aggressively training for several new products that offer promising new solutions in the fast-changing healthcare industry.

Javelina by Eldorado

On the Eldorado product Javelina, FlexTech has invested over 68 weeks training six consultants. FlexTech is staffing key positions such as project manager, technical and data lead while assisting the Eldorado team in developing tools and products for their clients.


At Aldera (formerly Healthation), our consultants have completed 38 weeks of training on the Aldera products. FlexTech has assisted with the implementation of these products for various clients.


FlexTech originally trained three consultants on the ikaSystems product in 2011 and provided services to three clients.  In March 2013, an additional two consultants were trained who engaged for services at a health plan and two health insurances exchanges.  In 2015, another two consultants were trained and engaged to provide services to ikaSystems’ clients.  The total number of consultants now trained on the ikaSystems’ products is seven.

Plexis Claims Manager™ and Quantum Choice™ by Plexis

Continuing our long-term relationship with Plexis, FlexTech invested 70 weeks of training on the Plexis Claims Manager™ and Quantum Choice™ products. FlexTech is well positioned to assist clients with upgrades and implementations.

HEALTHsuite® by RAM Technologies

FlexTech has trained five resources for a total of 25 weeks on the HEALTHsuite Mercato and eHealthsuite products by RAM Technologies, and supported four of their clients including a large east coast health plan.