New System Assessment Kicks Off

FlexTech’s proven System Assessment process will be assisting new Mid-West client determine the market’s ability to meet current and future business needs.

System assessments/upgrades must be dynamic; they must evolve with the strategies and marketplace changes.  With Flextech, they have the ability to make intelligent, forward-looking system acquisition decisions.  Our consultants average more than 20 years' experience in the healthcare field.  They undergo continuous training to stay ahead of the ever-changing IT marketplace - whether that entails technology evolution, government regulation or emerging business needs.

The FlexTech System Selection process includes a proprietary tool called the Payor Functionality Matrix.  It gives health plan managers a crucial advantage, enabling side-by-side comparison of the functionality of the top 20 software products, measured against a specific list of organizational needs.  From Authorizations to Worker's Compensation, the Payor Functionality Matrix defines vendor systems that best fit the organization.  It's a complex, unbiased scoring system that delivers superior solutions.  The information is shared with key personnel, followed by the generation of RFPs and/or RFIs, demonstrations and site visits.  With FlexTech streamlined functionality, selecting a new system is analytical and precise.